Top 7 Unique Newborn Baby Gift Basket Ideas

Baby gifts are differentiated into several types. Commonly those different newborn baby gifts are caused by different characteristics between baby boys and girls.

Newborn baby gift baskets you never can go wrong and they always make a great baby shower gift since they are colorful and look creative! Moreover, they are easy to personalize which adds ‘that special touch’. A gift basket is a very practical and thoughtful present which, depending on the goodies contained, can vary a lot so two homemade baby gift baskets will never be the same and you can never have too many A new baby gift basket also is a great idea for a combined present for mother and baby since it can be filled up both with mummy and baby items. Here are some unique newborn baby gift baskets which will certainly be appreciated.

Newborn Baby Gift Basket Ideas

Newborn Baby Gift Basket Ideas

Baby clothes

Newborn baby outfit are cute and incredibly useful. Other than being the most popular purchased gifts, baby clothing is an essential need for babies. One should apply long-term logic and avoid concentrating on the short-term needs when shopping. When you’re shopping, it is good to consider buying clothes in large sizes because babies develop speedily and therefore frequently outgrow new sizes quite fast, mostly in a single month. Useful basic baby clothes to purchase for the newborn are socks, sleepers, wearable blankets and bodysuits.

Baby toys

Babies enjoy playing with toys and other fun items. The children love to be adventurous and enjoy getting involved with playful object and thus purchasing toys may be beneficial. It is advisable to consider toys that won’t expose the child to possible harm. Toys are recognized to help the children with development of eyesight and exploitation of various skills when they are playing with them.

Bath Time Gift Basket

Bath time gift basket that is sure to come in handy for the parents once they give their newborn his/her first bath. It offers baby essentials like a mild baby wash, gentle bath sponge, super-absorbent hooded baby towel, baby nail scissors and emery boards.

This gift basket has a set of soft face flannels and a little rubber ducky. The nice thing about it’s that no matter how many people bring bottles and jars full of creams and body wash, they can be saved up for later.


Toiletries are products utilized in the personal grooming or dressing from the newborn. These include, diapers, cotton swabs, lotions, creams, shampoo, conditioner, talcum powder, wet wipes, etc. These products are required frequently when the child is just a baby. Gifting these is definitely an intelligent thing to do as the parents are surely likely to find them useful.


Top 7 Unique Newborn Baby Gift Basket Ideas

Top 7 Unique Newborn Baby Gift Basket Ideas

Apart from toiletries, parents also require other essentials such as bibs, blankets, socks, caps, pacifiers, and napkins. It’s advised you do not gift clothes, because the baby is going to outgrow them earlier than expected. Since you’re including these in a gift basket, you can add only one blanket, to make space for other things.


No gift basket is complete without chocolates. Though the baby isn’t going to eat any of these, this gift is perfect for the parents too, isn’t it? Add assorted chocolates towards the gift basket once you’ve invest the other gifts in it. Make sure you add as many different chocolates as possible.

Homemade Gift Hamper

If you want to add more value for your purchase, go ahead and assemble the gift basket at home. Use a wicker basket or a handy pail, painted in red or yellow. Purchase a tube of nappy cream, a little jar of Vaseline, a bib, a pack of nappies, a Winnie the Pooh teether, a musical toy mobile along with a plush velour blanket.

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