Latest Top 10 Toys for Christmas 2014

These toys are the most desired by kids this year. As the results indicate, kids were more attracted to toys that served as artistic outlet and creative thinking.

Christmas season is already lurking in the distance, which means that kids everywhere are already scribbling lists of Christmas toys for Santa to bring them. As always, the upcoming holiday season will mean big spending bad news for consumers, but good news for the companies making the toys and the retailers hoping to empty their shelves. Make no mistake, a lot of products fly off the shelves once parents go shopping for Christmas toys.

Christmas Toys 2014

Christmas Toys 2014

Top 10 Toys for Christmas 2014

Boom Co Rapid Madness

All kids love shooting blaster darts at each other, but the Boom Co Rapid Madness goes one better by including darts that, when shot at a compatible target, stick in place. It can shoot up to 20 darts in seconds and up to 50 feet and the smart stick technology in the darts ensures that they won’t stick to anything but the included target or the blaster shields either side of the barrel.


Xeno toy is a cute, cheeky interactive baby monster that may display more than 40 different expressions through its animated LCD eyes, has pull-out snot dripping from the nose and can fart. This virtual pet is available in three colors; pacific blue, ultra violet and burnt orange.

Lego Minecraft Sets

The video game Minecraft has become an undisputed mega-hit. So when the game paired with reigning building-block champions Lego, the place among hottest Christmas toys was practically guaranteed. The Minecraft video game has a variety of game modes, the most popular of which is a creative mode that allows players to build just about
anything they can imagine. So the jump to real-world Lego Minecraft blocks was an easy sell. There are a variety of Lego Minecraft sets out there, including The Village and The End, each of which contains hundreds of pieces to keep kids busy building for hours. Each set runs in the range of $30 to $35.

Color Change Bag

This can be held against any piece of clothing; and, pressing a control button, it will match more than 100 different shades from the outfit the child is wearing!

Minecraft Figures

There are a wide range of these 8cm action figures from the popular Minecraft video game to collect. Smyths is the cheapest in-store, at £6.99 per figure, or you can buy three for £15.98 from Argos before Tuesday. Online, Amazon is the cheapest again, with prices starting at £6.99, plus £1.49 for delivery.

Spy Net Video Watch

For just about any girl or boy who wanted to turn into a detective, the Spy Net Video Watch is the best gift choice. This device comes with a lie detector and is able to clacking real pictures, thereby making this device even more authentic. To download the pictures, all one needs to do is connect via USB to the computer. Being sold at an affordable price, you wouldn’t want to allow it go off your hands and find out your kids asking for a better present?

Frozen: Ice Skating Dolls

Frozen: Ice Skating Dolls

LEGO Technic Snow Groomer

Kids who love having fun with these sets and putting them together will be highly delighted to receive the 390 piece LEGO set. This is probably one of the best answers to your question of finding an excellent gift for Christmas for the kids. When it comes to the end of the calendar with Christmas, the LEGO Technic Snow Groomer finds a location in the top ten Christmas toys for 2014.

Frozen: Ice Skating Dolls

This collection features Elsa and Ana in roller skating form. Ice Skating Anna and Ice Skating Elsa Dolls are just one of the many Disney Frozen themed Christmas gifts and toys. Frozen toys for Christmas 2014 will be on every child’s wish list.

Doh Vinci Vanity Box

The Doh Vinci Vanity Box allows children being 3D designers, targeting kids aged 6-12 years of age. The DohVinci works like a glue gun. You load within the color you wish to print with, after which simply pull the trigger to really make it print.

LED Color Morphing Nonstop-Top

In case you are selecting a techno-savvy toy gift for your children, this LED colored amazing spinning top could make any child more than happy. Allow him to continue guessing as he unwraps the current, only to discover an astounding spin under. This sure constitutes a unique and distinct gift for the child. Let him spin the very best for hours and find enjoyment out of all colors being illuminated along the way.

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