Best Ideas for First Birthday Gift for Boys

Best First Birthday Gifts for Boys can be found in many types with varied price range.


First birthday gift for boysis a reason to merry which requires a meticulous plan to be executed. Usually every household celebrates this occasion with pomp and show. Friends & relatives collect to give their blessings to the newly born baby who has completed his first year in this world. Best First Birthday Gifts for Boys can be found in many types with varied price range. People often think that the first birthday gift should be toys, as it’s the most common thought which comes in mind whenever we select a gift for the baby. But you should also think that whether the first birthday gift that you are giving is actually beneficial for the baby or not. For getting the birthday gift for boys, we need to consider its practicality for him. Don’t get something useless for the first year baby. Although first year boys are too young to appreciate your gift, unless you get something interesting for him.

Best Ideas for First Birthday Gift for Boys

Best Ideas for First Birthday Gift for Boys

Baby Walker

You can make the growing years of the baby more fun by gifting him a walker. There are various kinds of walkers in the market which come fitted with small toys which make learning walking more interesting and entertaining for toddlers. This is one of the most thoughtful first birthday gift for the baby.

A Table Set

Food took on a whole new meaning for me when I became a mother. You could argue that is really all we mummies are here for to feed and nourish our babies. I think that if I wrote down on paper just how many hours I spent in the last year just feeding I would be astonished. And then if I added the hours I spent worrying about what and how much I was feeding him, I would probably have covered most of the year.

Personalized First Birthday Book

Avery loves books She could sit at her bookshelf and flip through every single one of her books if we had enough time. Books are such a great gift because they last for years and years. I love this personalized book for baby’s first birthday. A great way to remember this big milestone.

Baby Clothing

First Birthday Gift for boy

First Birthday Gift for boy

There are amazing sets of baby clothing to be gifted on the first birthday. You can find the most amazing pairs of clothing for young kids and toddlers in India in different price range. From t-shirts to shorts, pajamas, shoes, caps etc. there is a big variety to choose from. You can create your own assortment or even purchase the combo packs of baby clothes which are available in cute prints and patterns for young boys and girls.

A Memorable Experience

We chose not to have a birthday party for T this year, for two reasons really. First he is too young to remember it or enjoy it and secondly I couldn’t face the stress! I figure I have years of birthday parties to organise, but this year I can just get away without doing one and not be labelled a neglectful mother.


The next idea to give to a one year baby is puzzle. Puzzle will be an effective and safe educational toy for him. It is a great idea that will help the boy to learn shape, color, and size. Consider to get him wooden animal puzzle or knob puzzles that have knob shaped handles on each piece that will make the little boy to grasp easily.

Musical toys

You can exercise the baby and stimulate him to increase his music talent by giving music instrument tool. He will love noise of the instrument, maracas, drums, tambourines, flutes and even pianos. You can get him a set of musical toys for him.

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