Great Educational Gift Ideas for Kids Of All Ages

Shopping for the holidays is always a challenge, and finding educational gifts for kids is even more of a challenge.

Find the perfect educational gift for your little ones this Christmas? As an early childhood educator, I am always on the lookout for meaningful, fun, yet educational gifts. the educational gifts you can give the children in your life.

Toys play a significant role within the development of kids. They are the method that kids learn about the environment, science, math, socialization, reading, and writing. Educational gifts for kids like the ones reviewed on this page, help a child’s mind relate to their physical world and teach them the underlying concepts that will prepare them for future learning and education.

Here are top 7 educational toy and other unique educational gift ideas for kids:

Quercetti Premium Magnetic Tablet

Quercetti Premium Magnetic Tablet


There aren’t a lot of science-related toys aimed solely at girls, but GoldieBlox is trying to change that. With the release of their GoldieBlox action figure, complete with everything needed to build a zipline for Goldie’s adventures, the company hopes that girls will become interested in engineering after playing with their toys.

Cooperative board games

We have a whole selection of cooperative board games which we enjoy as a family. They provide opportunities to count, sort, and memorize. Some of our favourite games include: Mermaid Island, Stone Soup, and Count Your Chickens. The majority of these games are ideal for children 3-9 years old.

Toysmith Ant Universe Educational Kit

The Toysmith Ant Universe kit allows children to review the behavior of ants inside a self-contained environment. This is perfect for kids who love nature and little critters, without any risk of being bitten. The great thing about this kit is that the gel the ants tunnel through also provides a nutrient source, so no food or water is required. Everything is included except for the ants, however the kit does include the order form for that ants.

V-Tech Brilliant Creations Beginner Laptop

This fun laptop is a superb beginning laptop for children between the ages of 4 and 7. It features an LCD-color screen and most 80 learning activities that teach your little learner about letters, vocabulary, creativity, counting, matching and more. Just like Mom or Dad’s laptop, that one has a real working keyboard and mouse, which also teaches young children about using computers.

Learning Resources Counting Cookies

Your little one will love learning how to count with these counting cookies. There are 10 realistic-looking plastic cookies featuring numbers around the back, and they all fit nicely within the big blue cookie jar. This can be a lot of fun and is an excellent resource for parents who want to teach their young children to count.

Learning Resources Counting Cookies

Learning Resources Counting Cookies

Science Toys

Years ago my sister sent my dino-loving boy an archaeology set. It included “fossils” embedded in a rock-like substance. Not only did it include replicas of real
archaeological tools, but it also provided my boys with a major bonding moment as they reenacted what happens in real life as they took turns chipping away to uncover a treasure.

Puzzles and Board Games

Puzzles and games exercise the mind. And like any part of the body, the more exercise your kid’s brain gets, the greater powerful and tougher it might be when faced with challenges. The best puzzles and board games teach your kid how to plan, decide, think and think through a difficulty. Board games, when played with friends or family, enhance social skills. He learns about taking turns, following rules and cooperating with teammates or opponents.

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