6 Awesome Baby Shower Gift Ideas

A baby shower is a special time for celebrating the birth and addition of a new member to the family.

6 Awesome Baby Shower Gift Ideas

6 Awesome Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby showers are fun celebrations that give friends and family the opportunity to show excitement for the new arrival with an abundance of baby gifts. Baby showers are also very helpful to new parents, as they can provide them with baby essentials and fun luxuries. If you are wondering what would be the perfect gift give to the new parents at your next baby shower, then consider these popular gift ideas.

Because the hostess of baby shower, you have a duty to provide your guests a special gift, that gift is really a symbol to your guests simply because they want to come to your party, symbolic of thank. There is a lot of baby shower gift ideas which you can use. Although, the gift will be works as a moment for your guest, after some creativity, the baby shower gift ideas will be unforgettable. It may be fresh and unexpected. Deciding the ideas aren’t easy, all the ideas seems look perfect and unforgettable. However when you decided the perfect gift, you have to ask your pals or family opinion, so that your guests will not be disappointed using the gift.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Milestone Baby Cards

The best part of parenting? Watching baby complete all those amazing ‘firsts’. Snap a photo of baby with these beautiful illustrated cards to keep track of every big milestone from sitting up to smiling. At the end of the year put them all together to make the best first photo book ever.

Baby Slings

An infant carrier like a sling or baby wrap allows you to keep your newborn close, while freeing up your hands. See how to choose the best baby carrier. Worth nothing for warm, winter months the Peekaru is highly recommended. For year-round use, the Moby Wrap is probably the most highly rated.


This will make clothing a useful and thoughtful gift. All parents will agree.choose items which are easy care and therefore are very simple and quick to use and take off Also, avoid something that is tight around the neck or has ties or cords, and appearance any buttons, clips or decorations to ensure they won’t come off and be accidentally swallowed or inhaled.

Moover Truck

Baby may have 12 months to go before he can play with this sustainable wooden ride-on truck (it has a fully functional crane and room in the driver’s cab for teddy to join the fun), but until then it will be a welcome addition to the nursery decor.

Belly Art

The simple-to-use kits allow Moms to produce a silhouette of their beautiful bellies with amazing and bold-color results. These precious prints are extremely professional-looking, they can be hung in a nursery, office, or anywhere “fine” art is going to be appreciated. The kits include paper, Japanese calligraphy ink, natural brushes, dyes, and all sorts of instructions you need to create a minimum of three different types of pregnancy portraits. If you’re searching for a really different baby gift, you’ve thought it was.

Photo albums

Photo albums have always been a mother’s best friend and the main place where mommy’s keep their souvenirs of their new born. Whether their baby is a boy or a girl, a photo album will perfectly suit the baby shower. If you already know the gender, a great way to make it an even better gift is by accessorizing the album with fun little items to personalize it to better fit their future baby.

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